Leonor already flies alone: ​​first images with her military battalion in Zaragoza

The Princess of Asturias has entered the Zaragoza Military Academy this Thursday and has done so accompanied by her family. Her parents, the kings Felipe VI and Letizia, and her sister, the Infanta Sofía, have visited the facilities next to her and have proudly observed how the heiress signed her honor book. After her, Leonor has met with the rest of her battalion mates and has taken her first steps as a lady-cadet.

Casa Real has shared these first images of the heiress together with the young people with whom she will live in the coming weeks. In them it is seen how Leonor and her classmates drag their suitcases through the courtyard of the Academy and then go up some stairs loaded with all their belongings. Finally, they have placed themselves in a circle to listen to instructions from her superiors.

As we already anticipated, Leonor will share promotion with another 612 cadets, 140 of them women, and will sleep in a room with three other companions. On this first day, all of them have gone to the tailor shop to pick up the clothes they will wear for the next few months: everyday military suit, boots, tracksuits, pajamas and even underwear. Later they have gone through a hairdresser’s to comply with strict image standards: men clean-shaven and shaved, women with long hair above the armpits. Here, in addition, they provide them with hairnets and hairpins in the same color as their hair, so that they do not stand out.

In these first days they will have to adapt to the facilities and their new routines: curfew at 6:30, classes throughout the morning and physical activity in the afternoon.