Le Normand: two years clearing up doubts

If for any Real Sevilla footballer it has a special color, it is Robin
Normand. There, in the Andalusian capital, the Breton made his debut in the first team. When his progression in the Sanse did not meet all the consensus regarding the effectiveness necessary to succeed. All the doubts that have hovered have been cleared up, as if they were centers that rain from the band, and, two years later, this reliable 23-year-old center-back has consolidated.

There, in the Betis field where he debuted, You
Normand is about to turn fifty games. 50 interventions in two years, since December 2018, between the League (39 plus next Sunday) and the Copa del Rey (10). In 32 of them he has been a starter in the defense axis.

Imanol, the great supporter of the Frenchman in his professional journey, will continue betting, if there are no unforeseen events, on the usual pair of centrals this season: Aritz Y You
Normand. The Frenchman only missed the first day, in Valladolid. He has completed, and with notable in the evaluation, the rest of the four league games.