Lautaro: “It is a prize for sacrifice, will, responsibility and desire”


Argentine soccer player Lautaro Martínez, forward for Inter Milan, stated on Tuesday that qualifying for the Champions League final, having clearly eliminated AC Milan, “is a reward for sacrifice, will, responsibility and the desire” of the entire ‘Nerazzurri’ squad.

“We have been superior in both games. It is a reward for sacrifice, will, responsibility, and the desire that we have put into this game, in this tie and in the last month, for an important calendar that we had for ahead and the team has responded in an important way as well”, commented Lautaro before the Movistar Plus microphones.

“They are special moments, unique moments and they are enjoyed,” he said about the celebration of his goal, which sealed Inter’s 1-0 victory against their Milanese neighbors. “I am very happy for what I experienced tonight, which will remain in the history of Italian football and in the history of this great club,” he added in this regard.

Besides, Lautaro admitted feeling in the best stage of his sports career. “I’m having a great time. Physically and mentally I’m very well, the family accompanies me, my friends, the people who want to see me well… and that’s important,” he stressed.

“The people of the club as well. From the first moment I set foot in this club, they have made me feel as if I were part of this family since I was a child. And that is very important for a player”, indicated the Argentine striker, vital in Inter’s successful career in this edition of the Champions League.