Laura Matamoros greens Makoke and supports her cousin Carlo Costanzia and Mar Flores

Laura Matamoros has spoken about the statements that his cousin Carlo gave in Friday! program where he described his childhood, marked by his parents' divorce, Sea Flowers y Carlo Costanzia, and because of bullying at school. The actor began taking antidepressants at the age of 10 and, over time, had a series of problems with the law. He is now the wearer of a telematic bracelet after being sentenced to 21 months in prison for a crime of fraud, something of which he is not proud, as he himself acknowledged in his interview.

On the verge of tears and with a thread in her voice, Laura Matamoros has reacted in We'll see to the reappearance of his cousin. She already knew his story, but she is still excited to hear it. “It's not that this surprises me, it just hurts me.”he stated.

“It is the story of his life, of how he has lived it. Right now I am in a separation process. I want to protect my children, but sometimes parents forget how children can experience this situation,” he added. , pointing out that Carlo “has been a little more off the hook than normal”, which is why “he has taken refuge in himself” and has fallen into inappropriate behavior.

A dart against Makoke

The daughter of Kiko Matamoros y Marian Flores He has valued that a conclusion must be obtained from the interview: “What you have to see from the interview is your improvement in your daily life and your process. What you should not do in adolescence to have this type of problems.” However, regrets that this is resulting in “a war between father and mother, “has nothing to do with what Carlo has said.”

These words come after Makoke He said last Saturday that Carlo Costanzia Sr. was very upset with Mar Flores and that he was going to take legal action considering that the cause of the great damage to his son was the model. “If I took out all the audios, messages and documents that I have from Mar, I would not be able to return to Spain,” the count revealed to the collaborator of Fiesta, program where it showed another incendiary message from the Italian.

“Mar asked me to be her lover when she was married to Javier Merino,” she wrote to him. It must be remembered that Carlo Constanzia He is the first child of Mar Flores, the result of her relationship with Count Carlo Constanzia. Later, the model had four more children with the businessman Javier Merino.

Laura Matamoros He doesn't understand what Makoke is doing in this matter, and has regretted that the information it revealed only does harm. “I have not spoken to my aunt Mar, but my mother has, and she is totally destroyed,” she said, because “it is not fair that a war should arise between Mar and Carlo.” For this reason, Laura, the guest on the program, responded Makoke: “It's a bit ugly to talk about other people's topics when there is a lot to look at in oneself.”

“Makoke doesn't know my cousin”

“I don't know if my sister's mother has put on glasses,” he added, believing that “warming up the chair is very good and great to continue providing information that is totally banal and makes no sense.” “Carlo father and son have only seen Makoke once in their lives. If it is Carlo Sr. who chooses Makoke as his representative to speak, he has chosen very poorly. (…) Makoke does not know my cousin, said by me, by my father and by people who are in my life”, he has stated.

Journalist Beatriz Archidona explained last Friday that Mar Flores still does not understand why she agreed to participate in Friday! “She can't believe it and says 'why now?' is the way,” he said on the set of Santi Acosta y Beatriz Archidona.