Laura Heredia focuses on the European Games because she sees the Olympic ticket “quite feasible”


The Spanish Laura Heredia is clear that the European Games, which are held in Poland between June 20 and July 2, are “the great objective” that she has in mind to get the long-awaited Olympic ticket for the Paris Games in the modern pentathlon because he sees it as “quite feasible”, and also ensures that this “brutal experience” would be even better if he could share it with his brother Aleix, also a pentathlete.

“Since the beginning of the season, the European Games have been the main objective because it is a competition where I can qualify for Paris in a quite feasible way. Logically, things have to go well, but as I am, it is feasible and I really want to to face it, to see what happens and to be among the best. I hope it goes as we expect,” Heredia said in the second June issue of the COE magazine.

The Catalan does not doubt that “it would be a complete success” to be able to qualify for her first Games after staying very close to those in Tokyo and she is also ambitious. “It’s that right now seeing how I am, I think I could be in a ‘top 5’ if I continue in this way,” she warns.

“For me it is the greatest thing because it is what I have always dreamed of since I was little and it would be a brutal experience and without a doubt the best thing I will live in my entire sports career,” confesses the pentathlete, for whom it would be “a dream” to be able to share that experience with his brother Aleix, who competes in the same sport and who has already been in the Japanese capital.

Both have shared “many moments together” and have “gone hand in hand along this path.” “Even when I was at the gates in Tokyo, what I was most excited about was being there with him. And for Paris, it is true that he is not in the same state of physical shape because he has other priorities, but he is equally trying and we’re going to see how he gets there to be able to participate. I trust him, in his abilities, and also having us by his side is like an extra force that gives us so that we can both get where we want”, he emphasizes.

Finally, among her challenges, the Spanish athlete admits that she “really wants to win a medal in a World Cup, in a European Championship”, especially since she has “proven” to herself that she can achieve it.

“A few weeks ago I was three seconds away from bronze starting thirteenth in the combined. In the end, that means that one day when I have a little more luck and things go my way, I will have it very affordable if all goes well. I feel that I am capable and I really want to be able to get there because it would be my greatest achievement at a sporting level. And also being able to go to the Olympic Games would be my great challenge this year and why not be able to get an Olympic medal since I I see capable”, sentence.