Laura Escanes’s monumental anger with ‘Save me’: “You are disgusting and then you go as feminists”

the ex of Risto Mejide has launched a very harsh message against the star program of the tv factory this Tuesday. The reason? Jorge Javier and company have shown and commented on some images in which Laura Scanes, in the middle of a photo session, bends over and exposes her panties. The 27-year-old influencer was incredulous: “Gentlemen directors of Save mepresenters and collaborators, I have something to say with great sadness and impotence…”.

Escanes has used his social networks to make his criticism public: “Starting with how disgusting it seems to me that there is a photographer waiting for me to fall or bend over to take a picture of my ass and my panties; and continuing with how disgusting it is It is that later there are some men deciding what content is going to be broadcast this afternoon and they think it is a good idea to publish these photos. With what intention?”, he asks. “Little more to comment. You are disgusting and then you go as feminists. 2023 and that these things continue to happen is something amazing,” concludes the model.

It must be remembered that his ex, Risto Mejide, has been working for the production company La fábrica de tele, responsible for Everything is a lie y traveling with chesteras well as Save me. Laura’s text was quickly shared on social networks and in less than an hour she already had hundreds of messages of support: “Brava”.