Laura Escanes speaks in her sleep and there are recordings where you can hear what she says

influence her Laura Scanes has once again attracted attention with a new publication in its stories from Instagram: he recorded himself talking in his sleep. the ex of Risto Mejide showed the capture of the night recording made with an application that measures and records what happens while you sleep.

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The model shared this Tuesday how the app used had monitored her one night of sleep and the frequency showed that, in effect, she had spoken out loud. The digital tool makes it possible to listen to the recorded sounds, but Laura recognized that it lacked value: “I don’t know if I want to listen to what I said today while she slept,” she wrote on the social network.

Curiosity was stronger and the young woman dared to listen and share the audio with the profound words coming from her subconscious: “Life is… Life is curious and complicated.”

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Although the instagramer acknowledged having laughed at the serious reflection said in her dreams, it is possible that such deep thoughts arise from hidden brain activity caused by the latest events in her life.

The breakdown of her marriage to Risto Mejide and the rumors of her possible relationship with Mr. Jagger They are disruptive events that, apparently, occupy Laura’s mind both day and night. The mother of little Roma has already denied having something with the youtuber.