Laura Escanes' first words after signing the divorce with Risto Mejide: “The priority is our daughter”

Laura Scanes y Risto Mejide They are officially divorced. The influencer and the presenter signed the papers last week, and now the Catalan has spoken about it. Journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez commented this past Thursday that the meeting between them was “a little cold” because the advertiser “is still dragging on the breakup.” However, the young woman has played down the matter.

“It's a natural step when you separate, a moment that has to come,” has advanced to Ten minutes. According to Escanes, “they have not experienced it with more importance.” “In the end, for both him and me our priority is Rome and we are super aligned on that. As long as that is the case everything will always be fine, so no problem,” he noted.

The TV3 presenter and the writer announced their decision to separate last year. “Thank you, Laura, for these seven years, three months and twenty-four days. They have not been perfect, and even so, or perhaps because of that, they have surely been the best of my life. We have spent so much together and learned so many things (many good ones). and others that I would have liked not to have to learn) that, before continuing each one on their own, s“All that remains is to feel very grateful for the path taken,” said Mejide, 49, on Instagram.

For her part, the 27-year-old Catalan also showed her affection for the father of her daughter Roma in a loving text: “It has been seven wonderful years. Also hard. But it has been a gift to share my life with you. Love doesn't end. Does not die. And I will continue to love you for the rest of my days. If I had to live all this and know what love is, it had to be with you. “I imagined my entire life with you and you have made me believe in eternity.”

In this time both have rebuilt their lives with other people, although their relationships have been somewhat more unstable than theirs was: Escanes confirmed her relationship with Álvaro de Luna last January, but this fall their breakup was confirmed. Since then, the young woman has not stopped exchanging hints with the singer on her social networks, in which she recently claimed to not be going through a good personal moment.

On the other hand, Mejide began a relationship with Natalia Almarcha, although for a few months they were separated. Just as he shouted his love from the rooftops with Escanes, the advertising man is much more discreet with his new girlfriend, who prefers to stay away from the public spotlight.