Laura Escanes feels 'guilty': “There are people who run away from my life to avoid complications, it's a lot of burden”

There is no perfect life. And, if not, let them tell Laura Scanes. The influencer, one of the most sought-after in our country, enjoys popularity and numerous projects. However, she is aware that at her age she has lived too long, and that affects the people who come into her life. After her recent breakup with Alvaro de Lunathe Catalan businesswoman, 27 years old, He has shared a deep reflection on his Instagram profile.

“Insomnia… 1.31 hours and I've started thinking about my life. I was reflecting with some friends and I feel that with the age I am, 27… marital status: divorced, a daughter… being known and the little privacy there is sometimes… I feel, (although for me it is not So) those backpacks that are part of who I am and my life… will always weigh a lot on anyone who comes close to me. Like someone sees everything it means to know me and runs away from it. Scary. Run away from my life so as not to complicate it,” Escanes has advanced in his stories on the social network.

Escanes considers that those who distance themselves from it do so because an approach “It's a lot of burden and it doesn't belong.” “Because maybe it is better (to be) with someone who has not previously had children, because I am already burned out. I don't know. And I understand it. It is a simple reflection that I have shared many times with friends of mine in similar situations and that I am I'm sure that many of you have also felt it at some point,” the young woman added.

The ex-wife of Risto Mejide He believes that “guilt” plays a fundamental role in the discomfort he feels. “Our friend guilt appears in my head and makes me feel small, and anyway… life. When I manage to locate that little voice that intoxicates me, I am aware of how lucky I am. But hey, this is a reality of what I sometimes feel as a separated woman, with a daughter leading her way… always upwards. Although sometimes it costs”, she has settled.

These words come after her breakup with Álvaro de Luna, with whom she confirmed her relationship last January. Focused on her professional projects, such as her interview podcast, Between the sky and the cloudsand her work as a presenter in The Travessa and the upcoming Campanadas on TV3, Escanes has revealed on several occasions that he goes through emotional ups and downs and that, although he would not have liked to come to this decision, The breakup with the singer was necessary for both of them.