Laura Escanes, fed up with those who criticize her talking about sex: “You want us to keep quiet because we are prettier, right?”

“My mother doesn’t know that I’m having the best sex of my life. It’s cool and she won’t know because no one is going to send it to her, okay? I love you, thank you,” was what she replied Laura Scanes (27) to a tiktoker’s question about something that his mother did not know.

The video of the moment quickly went viral and social media users interpreted the influencer’s response as a taunt for her ex-husband. Risto Mejide (48).

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“Laura Escanes publicly humiliating her daughter’s father saying that sex now is better than when she was with him. What a gratuitous attack” or “If Risto Mejide says this after leaving the relationship with Laura Escanes, what Would it have been said?”, are some of the comments that were read in the responses to the video.

After receiving these criticisms, the young woman has used her Twitter profile to complain that everything she says is related to a supposed bad vibes between her and her daughter’s father Roma: “Can you stop associating everything I say with pullitas or zascas? Let’s see if I won’t be able to talk about anything because EVERYTHING has to be related to wanting to show that there is bad vibes… it’s exhausting… what You want us to be quiet, we’re prettier, right? Anyway, make love and I hope you have good sex, it feels great.”

Her boyfriend, Alvaro de Luna (29), also came out in his defense: “You have to fuck more and fuck less”. The Sevillian singer and Laura made their romance official at the end of 2022, shortly after the instagramer announced her separation from the publicist after seven years together. Risto, for his part, began a relationship with the Valencian pharmaceutical Natalia Almarch (27).