Laura Escanes’ Disney princess themed party for her daughter Roma for her 4th birthday

After celebrating the birthday of Alvaro de Luna (29), Laura Scanes (27) has organized a princess themed party Disney to celebrate his daughter’s fourth birthday Rome Mejide.

The little girl turned four years old this October 2, and her popular mother did not want to miss this magical event. Risto’s ex-wife has shared on her social networks the incredible theme party that she organized for her daughter with the color pink as the protagonist. Bouncy castles, balloons, piñata, cake and even a face painting that Laura did not hesitate to try.

The fashion influencer shared with her followers an adorable photograph with her daughter, which reflects the love of every mother. “There is someone here who is already four years old […] Why so old?Laura wrote in a tender video in which Roma appears enjoying her birthday piñata.

Among so much joy, Laura couldn’t help but shed a few tears when she saw how her little girl was growing so quickly. Since the birth of Roma, the Catalan woman has always been very close to her daughter. Although her separation from Risto Mejide led her to confess the bad moment she went through every time she was separated from her adorable little girl: “I had a terrible first day, but I guess many separated mothers and fathers understand me,” he explained.

Neither Álvaro de Luna nor Risto Mejide were seen at the celebration

Last year, Laura and Risto They gathered to celebrate their daughter Roma’s third birthday. However, the presenter did not attend the celebration this year, or at least he was not seen on social networks. So much so, that even if he wants to, he has not published a photograph with her little girl to dedicate a few words of congratulations to her.

The face that also seemed to hide was Alvaro de Luna, who is very busy promoting his new tour. Although it is well known that little Roma has an excellent relationship with her mother’s current partner. This is what Laura made known, when she attended a concert by the singer accompanied by her daughter Roma de ella: “I would dare say he is his biggest fan.” “You don’t know what fills the heart that that person cares for and loves so much the person I love most in the world,” he confessed.