Laura Escanes compares and Risto Mejide loses out: “Now I’m having the best sex of my life”

There are celebrities who do not cut a hair when talking about their sexual relations. Something that is appreciated, since with their naturalness they break down ridiculous taboos that society has been building around sex. Laura Scanes he has talked, spontaneously and amusingly, about how he is doing in bed.

To the Catalan influencer, who maintains a sentimental relationship with the Sevillian singer Alvaro de Luna, he was recently asked at an event: “Anything your mother doesn’t know?” She replied, in a humorous tone: “My mother doesn’t know that I’m having the best sex of my life. It’s cool and she won’t know because no one is going to send it to her, okay? I love you, thank you,” she confessed to Nyxell App.

On Twitter, different users gave their opinion. Some considered that his words put in a bad place Risto Mejide: “Laura Escanes publicly humiliating her son’s father saying that sex now is better than when she was with him. What a gratuitous attack.” Others came to his defense: “Zero surprise. It was obvious. And it seems to me that ‘dpm’ says it without filters. He will say more things as he turns years old” or “I think nobody here is talking about Risto. You have to control that fragile masculinity, gentlemen”.

Laura Escanes (27) and Risto Mejide (48) announced the end of their marriage in September last year after seven years together and a daughter in common, Romawhich came to the world in October 2019. Shortly after, the young woman confirmed her courtship with the singer of Salt Eternal Oath, 29 years old. Risto, for his part, began a relationship with the Valencian pharmaceutical Natalia Almarch (27).