Laura Barquero and Tòn Cónsul achieve the fourteenth position in their first European final

MADRID, Jan. 24 (SportsFinding) –

The Spanish couple formed by Laura Barquero and Tòn Cónsul finished in the fourteenth position their first final in the European Figure Skating Championship, which is being held in the Austrian town of Graz.

With only six months of experience together, the national tandem finished in 14th position with an overall score of 135.68 units. This Friday, with the free program they presented, they achieved a total of 88.89 points.

“After the Spanish Championship we are looking for new versions of the program and we have varied the second part. We have had some failures but, for the little we have together, we are very satisfied. Our next challenge will be the World Cup and our goal there is to move on to the final , we want to play a good role, “they said in a mixed zone.

The medals were all for the Russians. The gold corresponded to the duo composed of Aleksandra Boikova and Dimitrii Kozlovskii (234.58), the silver went to Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov (208.64) and the bronze belonged to Daria Pavliuchenko and Denis Khodykin (206.53).

Meanwhile, Valentina Matos finished in the 28th position, just four places from the final of the women's category. The skater, 19, got a score of 49.02. This is the best position for Valentina, which resulted in the 31st place in Minsk last season.