Las Palmas was able to play the rest of the League on the Peninsula

Aythami Artiles, player of the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, has announced on the club's radio that LaLiga has raised the possibility of playing all the remaining matches on the Iberian Peninsula and that it was the entity itself that refused to accept it. With the accumulation of matches, both Las Palmas and Tenerife they will have to travel more than 20,000 kilometers in just over a month to conclude the championship. Of course, an exorbitant amount that will lead them to add significant wear to their legs.

It had already been rumored that the games would be played on the Peninsula, so that travel would be shorter. However, until today they were mere guesses. Aythami was clear in her statement: “We were presented with the option of playing every game on the Peninsula, but we said no. It was an idea and it seemed crazy to me. After two months in my house, I am going to spend a month on the Peninsula, playing on I don't know what course, away from my family … And, also, the field factor. The teams have to come here and here it always tends to cost in the first minutes

Shield / Flag Las Palmas

So that, Las Palmas stays at home, although they will have to take the plane several times a week. Also finally They will play without an audience after Irene Lozano refuses, despite the desire of President Miguel Ángel Ramírez. Something that, even so, Aythami considers that favors them, for making a less accustomed rival travel and for the climate of the island. “We have to take advantage and play with our tricks. Here everyone has to watch for their interest,” says the footballer on the team's official radio.

The center also explained the demands of the new calendar: “In ten days we play against Girona and you have to get your batteries on. The truth that I am concerned about the state of form. All the teams will arrive the same after this mini-season and in the second parts the legs will fail. Being smart will be essential. It is an atypical situation, but all the teams are like us. A month awaits us where training will not exist. It's all going to be playing and traveling. “