Lara Dibildos definitively distances herself from Cándido Conde-Pumpido: “I have no relationship with him”

While Cándido Conde-Pumpido He remains admitted to a psychiatric hospital to recover from the discomfort caused by the complaint of Aline, the Brazilian woman who accused him of allegedly sexually assaulting her, in recent days revealing details have come to light about the criminal past of the complainant, who has 29 open cases in Brazil. In fact, there is a search and arrest warrant for her for attempted murder in her native country. News about Lara Dibildosthe lawyer's ex-girlfriend, doesn't get too wet.

Dibildos, who wishes his ex “the best”, broke up with him two days before he met said woman. And, after breaking through the controversy, he considers that everything has been “very strong.” However, he avoids giving statements because he no longer has “anything to do” with the lawyer. “I'm not the one to talk because I have no relationship with Cándido”she expressed, hinting that at the moment she is not considering being a friend of the lawyer.

Focused on her profession, the actress is looking forward to Christmas, marked by the return home of her son Álvaro, who is studying in the United States and will return like nougat to celebrate these special dates with the family: “I'm waiting for you like May water. “I'm very proud but since he's happy, you know that parents make sacrifices.” It will be the first Christmas without his mother, whom he remembered emotionally When speaking of the death this Saturday of Concha Velascowith whom he had a close relationship.

“It's like with María Teresa Campos again… remember what it's like for the grown-ups to leave and well, we children are the ones who are left here with a lot of sadness, a lot of sadness,” he acknowledged, ensuring that the 'ye yé girl' will be eternal like her mother: “I'm sure they're up there talking of the past and enjoying it, surely taking care of her children as much as she takes care of me and her grandchildren, who for her, for my mother, were already her grandchildren.