Laporta encourages members to 'skip' the municipal confinement to vote on 7-M

Joan Laporta on Thursday encouraged Barça members to vote in person on March 7 and reminded them that the certificate of responsibility will be valid, so that they can bypass the municipal confinement which, for the moment, is established in Catalonia. Laporta leaned on the decision of the Generalitat to exempt from municipal confinement those who attend political rallies. Laporta showed the certificate of responsibility that, in interpretation of the Estimem candidacy for Barça, allows the member to vote in person at the six venues (Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Girona, Tarragona, Tortosa and Andorra.

“They are the most important elections in the club's history, and therefore they must be the most transparent. We understand that it has to be well organized and we have asked the Manager to inform us well of the conditions of voting by mail. When I talk about that they are the most important elections in the history of the club is because the club is in an urgent economic situation. We encourage members to vote on March 7th. If it can be, in person. The certificate of self-responsibility will be valid. If the Generalitat accepts that you can go to rallies, we understand that you can go with the certificate of responsibility. We understand that it could have already been done on January 24, but I will not go there. But now they can do it on March 7. The last assumption of the certificate of responsibility explains it, “Laporta said in an event with the media organized at the headquarters of the Estimem candidacy for Barça, in the Sant Antoni neighborhood.

Laporta maintains the tone of anger with the Manager chaired by Carles Tusquets. And with the Generalitat. “Barça is not respected. Between the Manager and those who are making decisions, the entity is not being respected and it is sad to see it. And between them, they have led us to this situation. We have been going through this process for too long. The world knows that Barça needs a president and a Board of Directors to make decisions that are urgent. That immediate solutions have not been sought makes me think that Barça is not being respected. And we expected protection from the Manager and whoever decides. But They will know what they are doing”.

Insist on your no to Eric Garcia

The first electoral war has a name: Eric García. While Víctor Font, an hour and a half earlier, revealed that the signing of Eric García would not exceed the most variable three million euros and that the player would play for free until the end of the season, Laporta once again distanced himself from the idea. His no to the arrival of the central in January is final. “I remain in the position that I had when it was raised in the Management Board. We, as candidates, cannot attribute any powers to the Manager. If a player wants to come to Barça, he has to prove it. And when it comes to an operation that would be done for free, it is difficult for me to understand the reasons why I had to give the money to a competitor of ours (for Manchester City). Speaking of figures, there was always talk of amounts that now seem to be different. But in the end it is paying money that we would not have to pay in June. The Manager cannot make an act of disposition, it must wait for a new president. “

Laporta went further and was also unhappy that the signing could be closed now, even if it is for the international to come in June. In your opinion, the Manager is nobody to negotiate with the player. “It is not necessary to negotiate a salary either. And especially considering the economic situation in which the entity finds itself. It should wait until there is a president”, insisted the former president between 2003 and 2010.