Lampard continues betting on Kepa

Despite the rumors that have been spreading in recent times, Frank Lampard keep trusting Kepa Arrizabalaga. The Chelsea coach has given him the title again this afternoon in the match that has played him against Cristal Palace.

The set of the Ondarroa goal has been imposed by 2-3, which has served the London club to reach 60 points, such that it is third in the Premier League. He Leicester He is two points away, although with one less game.

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Kepa was also a starter against West Ham, before which Chelsea fell 3-2 and Watford (3-0). Despite these performances, it is not clear what will happen to the Biscayan goal. Will it change airs? Poe true, do not miss the first goal of the Cristal Palace, the work of Zaha. Great goal from outside the area.