LaLiga, dissatisfied with the court ruling, will maintain scheduled times and dates

The league manifested his “absolute disagreement“with the ruling of the Commercial Court number 2 against the celebration of matches the Friday and the Monday and announced that “will keep the schedules and date
s of the meetings already programmed according to the resolution of the Superior Sports Council “.

The employer indicated in a statement that “taking into account what has already been resolved by the CSD and being that no court ruling prohibits the holding of matches on Mondays and Fridays, will maintain the times and dates of the meetings already scheduled “.

For its part, Federation it has not officially ruled on the matter. Sources close to this body, however, assure that they will maintain their refusal to have football on the aforementioned days and that, based on the judicial resolution will not authorize the matches scheduled by LaLiga on Friday and Monday.

For LaLiga, the judge's resolution known this Tuesday, after the one issued in May after the trial was held, “is innocuous, because as the judge himself referred to in the sentence handed down on May 27 on page 38, it is legal attribution of the CSD the resolution of conflicts of jurisdiction “.

The ruling comes a few days after the CSD gave the green light, with limitations, to the dispute of matches on Friday and Monday

“The difference in criteria, not only with the resolution of the CSD of last October 16 but, above all, with what was indicated by the higher court deeply surprises LaLiga that will proceed to study of the conduct of the Honorable Member“, he indicated.

The Commercial Court number 2 of Madrid made public this Tuesday the resolution completely rejecting the request for the maintenance of precautionary measures agreed by the Provincial Court for the celebration of parties on Fridays and Mondays carried out by LaLiga.

The judge, Andrés Sánchez Magro, as he did in the judgment of last May after the trial held in February, again summons LaLiga and the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to “negotiate in good faith” the La Liga schedule, in compliance with a legal requirement and “to coordinate the interest of professional football with that of non-professional football.”

The judge's pronouncement was known four days after the resolution of the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Irene Lozano, who authorizes the holding of First and Second matches on Fridays and Mondays with certain conditions.

The resolution rejects the request that the precautionary measures agreed to hold matches on those days be maintained

Among these, it must be in a maximum of 20 days per season, not including holidays and a single game per day and set a time slot -defined and reserved, until 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays– for the celebration and eventual broadcasting of matches of the Women's First and the rest of the categories.

In the ruling known today and in the one issued after the February trial, the judge also called on the parties to reach an agreement since the current Coordination Agreement since 2019, contrary to what happened in the previous ones, does not collect any precision on the possible dispute of matches outside the official day (Saturday / Sunday).

Then he pointed out that in the hypothetical case that the parties did not reach an agreement, as they did in previous seasons, on the economic amount that LaLiga must pay to the RFEF to extend the day to Fridays and Mondays it will have to be the CSD which determines “the quantity
tight to the circumstances and the facts “

LaLiga also took the case to the Provincial Court of Madrid, whose section 28 considered the request for precautionary measures at the beginning of June and issued the cessation of any performance tending to prevent it from complying with the commercialization conditions signed with the operators.

Against the resolution of the Commercial Court of today, it is possible to file appeal before Section 28 of the Provincial Court of Madrid, the competent court in matters of a commercial legal nature, within a period of twenty days.