LaLiga calls CSD “unfair” and says “it is overwhelmed”

Javier Tebas maintains in a harsh letter sent to the director general of the CSD, Joaquín de Arístegui, that “LaLiga proposed the suspension of all the games that Deportivo-Fuenlabrada affected before making the decision that only the latter be postponed” and that, if this has been done, “there would have been no complaints from other clubs before the Competition Committee and the situation, possibly, would have been different and not the present one which,” obviously, has overwhelmed you “.

Before sending this letter, LaLiga sent the CSD an eleven-page report in which it chronicles all the events. And that is why he warns the CSD that he could make this report public since he feels hurt by what he believes that It has been a performance “of total lack of loyalty” since a clear agreement was reached to “communicate a consensus decision between LaLiga and the Federation with the participation of the CSD.”

In addition, in the letter Thebes draws attention to the CSD for “ignorance of the protocol and regulations in this and other cases” and expresses his surprise at the latest CSD statement that has been produced “even before the end of the conversation held by the CSD president, Doña Irene Lozano and the president of LaLiga.”