Lahm: “Creativity is the most important thing for Guardiola”

Phillip Lahm has praised the football of Pep Guardiola's teams. The one who was captain of the Bayern Munich has published a column in The Guardian where he recalls his experiences with the Catalan coach: “Guardiola's teams are immediately recognized, even if the television images were in black and white. You have to work very hard to achieve that superiority every day,” he says .

On the importance of the quality of the players he says: “In addition, he invents positions for exceptional footballers. He let Messi reinterpret the position of center forward because he knows that the great games are decided by the great players. Creativity is the most important, his football is a celebration of individualities“.

He adds: “To win the Champions League, however, you need luck in the draw and in the knockout rounds. At Barcelona, ​​Guardiola had four or five players who would be in a world ideal eleven. In Manchester City he does not have that, despite having invested a lot. By squad, Manchester City is not one of the favorites, especially since Agüero, their player with a special talent, is not in top form due to injuries. “

Lastly, Lahm talks about the current level of Manchester Citand: “City is capable of playing more defensively and relies on athletic centrals with a good aerial presence. The team is capable of delivering the ball, defending in their area, breathing and being able to counterattack. Guardiola is not just an adept of tiki-taka ultra-offensive, Guardiola develops his players with and without the ball. All Bayern footballers benefit from Guardiola both individually and collectively. “