Laguardia: “We apologize to the fans and the club’s employees”

31 points, red lantern in the absence of a day and mathematically descended. so is a Alaves in low hours that returns to meet again with the Second Division. the club captain, Victor Laguardiahas taken the floor to state that yesterday “It was a very hard day, a black day in the history of Alavés. We have tried but we have not been up to the task, I was the first and now it is time to apologize to everyone. I’m sorry to be part of this but that’s the sport.”

Photo of Laguardia

The team from Vitoria rose to the highest category in the 2015-16 season with José Bordalás on the bench and has chained six consecutive campaigns in the highest category. “In recent years we have had many good things and now we have to live the bad part. I repeat, apologize to the fans and all the employees of the club. We have to do self-criticism and continue, because this continues, “he added.

If anyone can hold their heads high in this squad, it’s the center back. Despite his limitations and the serious injuries with cruciate breaks that he has had throughout his career, he always gives his all and is involved on and off the field. Yesterday, after the 3-1 defeat against Levante in Orriols, he was one of the few who approached the corner where the Alavés fans were and stoically endured the criticism of the more than 400 displaced fans. Manu García and the coach himself were also seen.

Shield/Flag of Alava

Atypical week with nothing on the horizon for a depressed team. Training for nothing and with the aim of receiving the Cadiz on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Those of the Silver Tacita do risk permanence with the Granada and the Mallorca. In their ranks, players with a recent albiazul past who are having a lot of prominence when it comes to scoring goals for the Andalusian team: Ruben Sobrino and Lucas Perez.