“La Real is my life”

The Royal Society wanted to vindicate its youth academy personality and philosophy in a video broadcast on its social networks in which the homegrown players of the first team appear.

Illarramendi he relates that he is celebrating his 18th season in a Real that “it's my life”. For Zaldua, the txuri urdin club “it's everything“, While for Aritz
Elustondo, who reached cadet age, “is a feeling”. For Aihen, who has been a txuri urdin for 10 years, “The Real is everything because here I grew up and I feel at home”. You
Normand starts its fifth season since Olhats brought him: “It is the club that has given me the opportunity to fulfill a dream”. This is how he defines the team he defends.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLY0D6oWEqE [/ embed] data-youtube-vid>

Gorosabel He remembers those who, for now, cannot participate in the football festival: “For me the Real is the pride of defending a hobby”. For Baptist, the squad txuri urdin “es the award for a lifetime's work”. Sangalli, nephew of Michael
Sources, appeals to family tradition to express that the Real “It's a feeling that I've acquired from generation to generation”. Andoni
Zubiaurre means that “for me to defend the Real is an honor”. Guevara defines the club as “a family” and Merquelanz specifies what the club represents for him: “The result of all the sacrifices”. Guridi reveals that playing with the elastic txuri urdin “makes me proud” and Alex
Alone, injured at this time, that “For me the Real is a feeling from the day I was born”.

Zubeldia defines the Real as “my second house“, While for Zubimendi playing for the San Sebastian team means “fulfill a dream I had since childhood”. The most curious case is of the hand Robert
Lopez, which in perfect Basque, affirms that the Real for him is “passion”. OyarzabalFinally, he glossed the spirit of the video: “This is the personality of the Real”.