La Real enters the final phase of the set-up

With no time to lose, with the intention of not looking in the rearview mirror nor for the most remote part of the world and entering fully into the final phase of the set-up. The reverse gear does not enter the plans of the Real, that yesterday resumed the activity in Zubieta with the five senses directed to the return of the competition.

Imanol Sheriff, in whose mind there is only room for Osasuna's visit to Anoeta next Sunday (10pm), he planned a full session at the José Luis Orbegozo, with all the members of the first team in impeccable condition except for Ander
Guevara. Injured from his ankle as a result of a torsion, the gasteiztarra continues to work outside the group and his presence on the day of the league reopening is doubtful. La Real continued to be reinforced with the usual Sanse members who work with the first team during the de-escalation: Ayesa, Aranbarri, Pacheco, Zubimendi, Robert
Lopez, Djouahra or Wolf.

The training was relaxed in its early stages, apparently from the images released by the club (the media still do not have access to Zubieta). The royalists were able to have fun playing soccer. Llorente, Willian
José or Merino They were happy with a head shot, one of the specialties they dominate.

As the minutes passed, the morning session acquired a more competitive look and the txuri urdin warmed up the engines with the classic rondos. Imanol later grabbed the baton and ordered possession exercises, developed with intensity by his pupils, as well as matches with goalkeepers in reduced dimensions. It was the return of the staff to work after the rest day they had on Thursday.

With no time for contemplation, Real will continue to set the countdown prior to the return of the League with another training session in Zubieta this morning (10.30 am). The campus of Imanol She will exercise at Anoeta tomorrow, for the second time this week, in another dress rehearsal.

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