La Real, after the leak of the Antiguooko: “We will adapt to all situations”

The Royal Society has finally publicly referred to the agreement that Antiguooko has signed with Athletic for the next ten years, and that has caused so much controversy in Gipuzkoa. Has been the counselor of the Royal, Joseba Ibarburu, who under the new collaboration agreement between the Irun clubs, has left a small dart to that escape from the San Sebastian base club. “These agreements help the Gipuzkoan soccer model, and others do not”, He has said in clear reference to the departure of the agreement of the Gipuzkoan football of Antiguoko on Tuesday.

Shield / Flag R. Society

However, the adviser responsible for the base football of the txuri-urdin club also did not want to enter too much into the controversy experienced with the Antiguoko this week, as much as it has been high that he has chosen in the offices of Anoeta, as much as they are convinced of They did the right thing by not wanting to give him preferential treatment over the other clubs in the province that he has always asked for, a condition with which he probably would not have signed with Athletic. “This agreement has nothing to do with the process that has been followed here in Irun which has been a joy, and it should not be clouded with other news that have nothing to do with it. We will adapt to the rest of the situations quite naturally, ”he said, alluding to the march of Antiguoko, by far the club that has nurtured Zubieta the most in recent years.

For Ibarburu, what has happened in the last days is that “The Royal has entered Europe, and after we have signed this agreement in Irun, so let's highlight the positive, this agreement is a joy for the Royal. Irun is an important piece, and with this agreement even more, in the Gipuzkoan soccer model. These types of agreements do help the Gipuzkoan soccer model and others do not, “he said bluntly. The truth is that in the border town it has been reflected once again that the Antiguooko has been left alone in Gipuzkoa, because all the grassroots football clubs have positioned themselves against their movement, supporting the Gipuzkoan football agreement, something that has reflected to the newspaper As Ricardo Garcia, the president of the third most important club in the province, the Real Unión. “We all know that the top of the pyramid is the Real and we are all going to work for the Real and to make good Irun players come out.” Ibarburu himself has also left another dart when evaluating the agreement signed in Irún. “I take this opportunity to ask parents who have school-age children that the children stay in Irun to practice their sport, that it is not necessary to travel 20 or 50 kilometers to practice sport in good conditions and with good educators. If they are sports talents and the clubs themselves and the Royal we will be vigilant so that they can access Zubieta in due course. That parents do not go crazy and remove their children from the environment ”.

Despite what they have wanted to sell from the outside, the signing of this long-sought Irún soccer agreement evidences the good health enjoyed by the Gipuzkoa grassroots soccer, because it has been formed with the leadership of the Real Unión, but always under the umbrella of the Royal Society, to which no one doubts as the benchmark of the territory's football, despite the fact that Eibar is also in the First division. The long tradition of the txuri-urdin club working the quarry, for almost as many years as history has and from which the gunsmith club has also historically benefited, is to blame. “We want to achieve better categories, but also to broaden the base. Not only do we want to have Basque or national categories in the Royal Union, but those categories are held by more honor leagues even if they wear a different color. We want a taller and wider structure. We have started with Irun at the request of the Royal, but the idea is that the pyramid, in the coming years, can incorporate the entire Bidasoa region, “says Gorka Etxeberria, Football Director of the Real Unión. The agreement has been signed by irundarian clubs such as Behobia, Landetxa, Mariño and San Marcial, who have applauded this agreement, with a view to strengthening their union with Real Sociedad. “We had been fighting for something like this for years, and now we want to work with respect among all, we are clear about our way of making quarry in the province,” they point out.