La Quiniela of the Real Madrid-Atlético derby: the core

A meeting as decisive as are the derbies of recent years there are great struggles in all lines, but perhaps the center of the field can decide a winner. The team that demonstrates a superiority in this facet of the game is undoubtedly more likely to be victorious in the game Santiago Bernabeu (16:00 hours). The Cholo Simeone It has always raised in recent years a center of the 'rocky' field to appease the quality of the players of the Real Madrid. For its part, everything points to Zinedine Zidane will align four midfielders with rhombus to monopolize possession.

Zidane He has always repeated the scheme of four midfielders populating the center of the field to achieve a superiority of play crushing the rivals who get tired without the ball. In big dates he has always started with the same idea. In the Camp Nou in front of Barcelona He came out again with the same 4-4-2 formation in the shape of a rhombus.

The idea is that the “gamers” are responsible for getting the balls to both ends. The only change was Hazard (Paris) Y Bale (Barça). The spinal cord usually composes it by Casemiro, Kroos, Valverde and Isco Alarcón. Finally, before the Valencia In the semifinal of the Super Cup, the center of the field jumped to the grass (including Modric) and with the Serbian Luka Jovic as the only offensive reference (La Quiniela of Real Madrid-Atlético: the defense).

The Atlético de Madrid on the other hand, it also usually aligns four midfielders, three with very defensive work and one with greater freedom that can create some game. In big dates like the two Super Cup matches, the Cholo Simeone aligned to Saul, Herrera, Thomas, Correa.

Therefore, if you compare the midfield of both sets it is clear that whites have more ballots to keep up with the game next Saturday. Battles are fought in all positions, but wars are won in the center of the field. And, in this case, Central defense bet on the Real Madrid. Result: 1.