La Mutilvera takes three points after beating Cayón 1-2

La Mutilvera added three points to their locker after winning 1-2 against Cayón this Sunday at the Fernando Astobiza. Cayón came to the game with their spirits reinforced after winning at home by a score of 0-1 against Logroñés B. As for the visiting team, Mutilvera got a three-way tie against Peña Sport, adding a point in the last match played in the competition. Thanks to this result, the Mutilvero team is eleventh, while Cayón is fourteenth at the end of the match.

The first team to score was Mutilvera, who opened the scoring thanks to a goal from eleven meters by Collante in the 10th minute, concluding the first half with the result 0-1.

In the second half the goal came for the Mutilvero team, which put more ground in between through a goal from Imanol in the 75th minute. However, in the 83rd minute, Cayón closed the gap with a goal from Borja Lázaro, ending the duel with a final score of 1-2.

The referee showed three yellow cards to Cayón (Riki, Turrado and Pablo Goñi), while the visiting team saw none.

With this away victory, Andoni Alonso’s team was in eleventh place with 38 points, while Luis Fernández’s team was in fourteenth place with 29 points, relegated to the Third Division, at the end of the match.

The following match will face Cayón with Izarra. For its part, the Mutilvera will be measured against Rayo Cantabria.