Kyrgios: “Sometimes tennis is a shitty sport”

Nick Kyrgios has once again surprised locals and strangers with the statements he has made on the Australian network ABC about his most and his minuses with the world of tennis, a sport with which he has shown a love-hate relationship in recent years.

The Australian was resounding when talking about his sport with these words. “Sometimes tennis is a shitty sport. It frustrates you so much that you have to be very patient. Losing sucks. You lose a lot at tennis. There are times when I want to play and train, but there are also times when I hate both. “

Kyrgios also recognized his lack of ability to take losses when he loses a match, something that has made him disconnect from matches on many occasions and even star in incidents during them. “Nobody likes to lose games, but it's part of the game and you have to accept it. However, I can't accept losing, if I tell you the truth. I'm very bad at that. I'm very competitive in everything I do, “said the controversial Australian tennis player.