Kroos: “It was clear that they would send us home after the positive from Thompkins”

Toni Kroos remains in quarantine after the positive case of basketball player Trey Thompkins and spoke of his daily life in a live broadcast for the online version of the German newspaper Bild. “We spend a lot of time with our basketball team, occasionally we even use the same rooms. It was clear, therefore, that they would send us home in the event that a basketball player tested positive, “explained the Real Madrid midfielder.

Of course, the German international does not seem to suffer too much from the confinement measures and was happy with the fact that he could spend more time at home. “Those who know me know that there are worse things for me than having to stay at home. It is also true that one is not bored at all with three children, “added Kroos with a laugh.

When asked about the postponement of the Euro Cup to 2021, the white player did not rule out continuing in the German team until 2022, the year in which the World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar: “The fact that the European Championship did not take place this year was not a big surprise, causing the next big event not to be that far either. We will see and see, “he concluded.