Kroos clarifies his words about homosexuality in soccer

Toni Kroos took advantage of an interview with GQ magazine to advise gay players not to make their sexual orientation public. Later, the Madrid player was harshly criticized for it., since his words were misinterpreted. He was accused of wanting to separate the world of football from LGBT society, a movement to which GQ dedicated a special edition. In the podcast he created with his brother Felix (“Einfach evil Luppen”), fA soccer player for the Berlin Union, Kroos was quick to explain the intention of his words.

The world champion in 2014 hinted that he is no one to encourage or not his colleagues to step forward in this sense, since he himself “would not have to live with the consequences”. Yes, He emphasized that he offered his own vision and was not giving advice. Each one should make the decision for himself. At once, stressed that “would categorically reject” all kinds of discriminatory or exclusive reactions by fans in case a player made his homosexuality public.

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In the interview with GQ a week ago, Kroos said the following: “my common sense tells me that everyone should live it in full freedomThere is no doubt about it. Of course, I do not know if I would advise a working footballer to declare himself gay. Certain words are often used on the pitch and, taking into account the emotions that come to live in the stands, I could not guarantee that he would not end up being insulted and belittled. “