‘KOP STADIUM’ and the chance to see the Cup final in a different way


The Spanish ‘start-up’ ‘KOP STADIUM’ will offer this Saturday the possibility of seeing in a different way the final of the Copa del Rey that will measure Real Madrid and CA Osasuna at the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville.

‘KOP STADIUM’ has created a business model that combines the best of the stadium and the best of the gastronomic offer of the bars and restaurants, which it considers “the perfect setting to meet friends and family to enjoy” a match of this magnitude .

Thus, this group of entrepreneurs has created an experience as similar as possible to watching the game from the stadium itself thanks to the design and installation of stands in these entertainment venues with up to 26 seats that can be assembled and disassembled in just two minutes.

In this way, ‘KOP Stadium’ allows fans, for just 5 euros and in two ‘clicks’, to reserve a seat in one of its stands through the ‘app’ they have developed, selecting the match and the venue to which they want to go from among the more than 12 bars and restaurants that they have spread over Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

“Enjoying football in a public place is a habit that has remained unchanged for more than a century. For this reason, we have taken on the challenge of achieving, without changing an iota of its essence, transforming this tradition through the use of technology,” says
the CEO of ‘KOP Stadium’, Federico de Vicente.

The manager recalls that this idea “is not only a much more affordable alternative to going to the stadium, but also allows you to enjoy a gastronomic plus in which you can choose even a full dinner while the game is being played, something that you can’t do from the stadium”.

The Spanish ‘start-up’ has already taken this initiative to several Champions League matches and even to the World Cup in Qatar itself, where they sold more than 2,300 tickets and had 78 percent occupancy in the 143 events they covered.