Kondogbia charges against Murthy: “You have deceived Gracia and me”

The waters continue to go down in turmoil in the capital of the Turia. The latest controversy involves Geoffrey Kondogbia, who has been linked in recent dates with Atlético de Madrid, and Anil Murthy once again. The midfielder posted an ishocking message against the president remembering the dismissal of Marcelino, the deception that Javi Gracia has lived with the absence of no signings and finally the own deception that Kondogbia has lived.

The truth is that those 'lies' to which the player refers are, according to the version of the footballer himself, those he heard throughout the summer. Geoffrey was told to stay at the club, that he would be an important footballer and that they would bring signings to make a competitive project, something that has not been given. Also, the last days of the market they urged him to find a way out and the club itself was offering him throughout Europe, after having told him that it would be important.

After having destroyed an ambitious project, you had to cheat on your coach and finally me. Bravo Anil Murthy

Geoffrey kondogbia

But surely something that had the situation is the interest of Atlético de Madrid. The colchoneros are very interested in him and in fact Cholo has already spoken with him, however and after a summer with contradictory messages towards the player but with the clear intention of selling him the last days, Anil Murthy today has told him that he does not listen to offers for him and refers to the termination clause. It doesn't seem to have suited Geoffrey very well.