Koke: “I have many friends at Real Madrid and I have congratulated everyone”

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How do you know how to win a derby?: “In the end we really wanted to win our first derby at the Metropolitano. The three points are for our people, who have had a very irregular season. The people will keep the team’s effort, we’ve gone for the game since At the beginning and we were able to score more goals, we didn’t and they were able to tie us, but it’s more than three points.

Do you speak with Griezmann?: “Both Griezmann and any striker want to score goals. Chances come and the goals are going to appear. Griezmann had them, as did Cunha and Carrasco and we worked to improve. Today it was worth it for us with that goal and we’ll keep trying”.

How much value do you give to winning?: “It’s very important, especially for our objective of entering the Champions League. We need three more points to secure it and by working like this we’re going to achieve it. It hasn’t been easy at all this week and seeing Madrid as champions of the League and finalists in the Champions League has more value Outcome”.

In the end there was no corridor. Didn’t they understand it as sportsmanship?: “I have many friends at Real Madrid and I have congratulated everyone. It has nothing to do with sportsmanship. There was such a stir that we decided not to do it, there is no more. We went out to the game to win it and that’s it”.

Oblak: “We don’t take a weight off ourselves…”

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Victoria: “Today’s victory is very important. The match was very complicated, Madrid have already become champions but they played well, they wanted the three points. We had many chances in the second half. We didn’t finish off but luckily we held on with a clean sheet and one goal was enough. These are three important points in this fight for the Champions League”.

Differences between the parties: “We have started intensely. It was to be expected. Madrid have won LaLiga, they played 120′ on Wednesday, it is not easy to go into a match with the same need as another. We did not finish off the match and that is why it has been complicated”.

chances second part: “Madrid played more openly and we had more space to create more chances, it was a two-way game. We happily won it and we can be happy with these three points”.

weight from above: “We haven’t taken a weight off our shoulders. We’re still not sure in the Champions League. Until we’re sure that weight will be on us. On Wednesday we have to try to come out in the best way, try to get the three points, we have to get them out. With that, everything would be much easier. There are three games left, a lot. Hopefully we won’t suffer until the last minutes”.