Koeman: “The leaks at Barça are malicious”

The coach of FC Barcelona Ronald Koeman He attended the press in the run-up to the Cup quarter-finals match against Granada.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

How do you face going back to Granada, a team against which you played in the League recently, but now in another competition and in a single-match tie?

“It will be a different game, the Cup is always different. The two teams have played many games, they more because of Europe. We must not forget that in LaLiga they complicated us a lot at the beginning and until 0-1 we could not make our game” .

How do you feel after not incorporating anyone in the winter market and what is Todibo missing?

“He has never entered my plans, but he has to play. We have not signed like most big teams.”

How have you processed everything related to Messi?

“It's absurd you talk about this for three or four days. The team and Leo responded well by concentrating on the game.”

Do you see the team more united as it shows in the celebration of the goals?

“It depends on the results. The victories help improve the atmosphere. Before things from outside the team joins and more if there is no public.”

Do you feel like you have become a spokesperson as well as a coach?

“I knew it was coming at a difficult time. I don't care, but I'm just the coach, which is already important. We need a president, a club like Barça cannot be without a president or plan for the future.”

Is the enemy more inside than outside?

“There are always people from outside and a lot of competition. I will defend the club and the players. The leaks are not good and are of bad intention.”

Is the Cup more important than LaLiga?

“No, but it is closer, there are fewer games and we depend on ourselves. Atlético is strong and it is not normal for them to get so many points. We can only press and hope they lose points. We have failed too much.”

When are you waiting for Piqué?

“Both he and Ansu must recover well. It is not good to set a date. We will see.”

Is Umtiti there to play two games in a row?

“He has improved a lot on a physical level. He has picked up the pace of matches and has trained without problems. It is good for him to give us competition in this position.”

What do you mean that outside things help to unite the team?

“It is in general. If they are going to harm a player, we all defend and protect them. I am not just referring to Messi.”

In what position do you see Sergi Roberto?

“In several. We need him as a winger and in the center of the field.”

If you have to dose, is it possible to think that you will opt for more breaks in LaLiga?

“It will depend on the physical condition of the players. We want to win and go to the semifinals. If someone is not well, they do not play.”

Is Griezmann close to his best version?

“He has been good all season, because he has never stopped working. Being a striker he is judged by his effectiveness and sometimes it has cost him, but they are streaks. It helps a lot.”

How do you assess the recovery of balls by offensive players?

“It's very important to me. The most important thing when you lose the ball is to get it back to disorganize the opponent and allow us to tire less.”

Has your brother Erwin said that lineups were leaking?

“It has surprised me. It is not true. It is not my brother's thing, I speak with my brother, I think the journalist has made a mistake. I never said this. I did speak one day that happened to us with Riqui, a subject that I spoke with him. The subject of alignments is not true “.

What has surprised you the most about the club since you arrived?

“The job is complicated in all circumstances and I knew what was coming and more in a complicated situation like this. But I like the club, the people and the club. I'm not afraid of that. I try to do my best.”