Koeman does believe in Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho is going to try again at Barça. At least it seems so. And Koeman is going to help you. At least that has hinted. The Dutch coach has given him two privileged positions, specifically the two he likes the most, in the friendlies against Nàstic and Girona. The Brazilian has reciprocated the gesture of his new coach with a good attitude on the field, two goals and several plays of merit. But, above all, with ease and attitude in the field. And with the feeling of being protected by a coach who praised him this Wednesday and hinted that he will give him the necessary conditions to be an important footballer in the Dutchman's Barça.

Koeman's decision to put Coutinho as a hitch in the first game should be looked at with open eyes. On the one hand, it makes a hole in the team if Messi plays close to the right wing. For now, he has put him at least at the level of Griezmannm who is not a nine and can also play as a hitch. It gives the feeling that Coutinho wants to fight and regain prestige. Several factors help you. First, the system. Then expectations. Little is expected of him and, coming from the bottom up, he can stand out. And then his good relationship with Messi. Also, of course, its quality. Coutinho is a player who has proven to have problems fighting against the weight of his transfer and against the buzz of the fans. But with a favorable wind it can work. And now, it blows him into advantage.