Koeman and the accounts: “I do not know if the staff has received this month …”

Ronald Koeman analyzed the Copa del Rey clash against Rayo Vallecano in the Camp Nou press room this Wednesday at the Vallecas stadium (21:00) corresponding to the round of 16 of the KO tournament.

How do you face a new game against a lower category team that means qualifying for the quarterfinals?

It is of inferior category, but the Ray is of First. It will be complicated, you will have to be very involved in the game to pass.

Do you plan to rotate to give rest or immediacy is imposed?

It depends on the status of the players. If there are tired men, it will be necessary to change. We will draw a strong team to pass this tie. We know that it is the shortest way to win something.

Is the Cup an opportunity since Madrid and Atlético are not there?

Those that remain are strong and we saw it in the Super Cup. For these two the schedule is clarified and it is an advantage, but I prefer to play every three days.

Do you think players charge too much?

Barça is a big club that is affected by COVID and suffers it more than others. The players are focused and are not concerned about this issue. We focus on our work

How do you see Messi?

He really wants to play and win things, he is a winning player who wants titles. Tomorrow morning I will give the team, you have to wait until the afternoon to see if he will play.

And how are you doing after this break?

On the one hand it was good for us to rest. It is cool and undisturbed. To win something we need a fit Messi.

Can you work calmly with these hours at nine at night?

There is no other remedy. There are days left, time left, we can only recover. We got home late and thank goodness we can recover because the next game is on Sunday.

What calls Ilaix's attention?

He knows what to do in training despite his youth. We count on him and whenever there is an option for him to come with us, he will come because it is a way of telling him that we have him.

Do you miss players like Puyol?

We always lack players with him. I remind him of my days as Van Gaal's assistant. I have known him for many years. He is a player of the house and has great character. With a great personality, we lack people like him.

Should the extension be avoided?

I hope we win without problems, but the important thing is to pass and if it is with an extension, we will go for it. In our situation, hopefully it will be earlier, but for that we will have to work a lot.

Could Araújo rest?

Due to injuries we have been limited in that position. He has shown that we can be calm with him. If we see that he has to rest, he will rest. We will not take risks.

Does the position in LaLiga give more importance to the Cup?

You have to be realistic, Atlético has an advantage and days off. We will try to do the impossible. We played the Cup to win it and that is the mentality I want to see tomorrow.

Are you worried that the workforce will not charge as it has this month?

I don't know if that is true. I'd have to ask.

What is missing from Sergi Roberto to enter the list?

Just some more training. It has only been in two sessions and they have been very short. This Friday we will have strong training to draw conclusions and if it passes without problems, it could be on Sunday against Athletic.

Will Neto continue as a starter in the Cup?

I decide for each party. Also in the case of the goalkeeper.

Can Messi have a certain spirit of revenge?

That has happened. We accept both games and we think about the team, where Messi is key.