Klostermann, almost as fast as Mbappé

UEFA has published its technical report for the last season and is leaving very interesting details about the performance of the teams and the players. A ranking that is always interesting to look at is that of the fastest players. In this case, the data of his fastest career is used during a game. The list, unsurprising in that regard, leaves Mbappe as the fastest footballer in the competition with a top speed of 33.98 kilometers per hour. It is surprising and very much that the player who second him on the podium is Lukas klostermann.

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The fastest players from the last Champions League.

Leipzig's 24-year-old German international center-back reached a top speed of 33.71 kilometers per hour. Sensibly underneath a whole sprinter like French. The versatile defender of Nagelsmann's team sports a size of 1.87 that also allows him to be an insurance in the passing game. Speed, strength and wingspan. It is not surprising that several of the best clubs in Europe, including Atlético, have already asked about the situation of the German defender, a highly sought-after defender.

The sprinters podium completes it Hateboer. The Dutch right-hander for Atalanta had an excellent season and, thanks to his powerful stride, he reached 33.71 kilometers per hour. In fourth position another deep lateral appears as Achraf. Playing for Dortmund, the ex-Madridista accelerated to 33.46 kilometers per hour in a game against PSG.

That is another striking note. Mbappe, player of the PSG He leads the list, by a sprint against Bayern, but it is that those who second him do so demanded by their team. The Klostermann mark was taken by measuring the French team; also Hateboer's, Achraf's and Alphonso davies. The Canadian side of Bayern reached 33.37 kilometers per hour in a match against Mbappé and company. Mendy, the Real Madrid side, also appears in a privileged position, the seventh. The defender reached 33.32 kilometers per hour in a duel against City. Varane He is also in the cast as the thirteenth fastest of last season. The Madrid defender reached 32.93 kilometers per hour.

Another remarkable brand for a center-back of its size. The list is full of extremes, front and sides where there is no lack of Coman (33.20 km / h), Haaland (33.02 Km / h) … The Klostermann and Varane brands attract attention, as well as that of Joe gomez. The Liverpool center-back accelerated to 32.99 kilometers per hour in a match against Atlético. Anyone who wants fast centrals already knows where to look.