Klopp's message from Premier MVP makes Henderson cry

Jordan Hernderson could not hold back his tears when he heard the message Jürgen Klopp dedicated to him after winning the award for best player of the season in the Premier League. The Liverpool captain, league champion with his team, received an avalanche of congratulations for this individual award, but it was his coach who really touched him.

The beIN Sports cameras captured the moment Hendo received the message. The player did not want to see him because “he knew he would get excited”, making it impossible to hold back tears when hearing Klopp's words.

“Hello my friend. One of the big questions in soccer is: ‘What makes a player complete?’ What is more important: is it talent, is it attitude? I think the easy answer is that without talent you are nothing, without attitude you will remain a talent forever. So, you are the perfect example of how mixing makes a difference. Who would have thought that the young man who comes from Sunderland to Liverpool with big dreams would one day be the best player in the Premier League? Maybe you dreamed it; I'm not sure you thought it would happen, but I know you have the confidence to have big dreams. But now is the time when everyone saw it. Everyone saw what a great player you are, everyone saw what a great personality you have, what a great character you are. I know the human being behind the player, you would also deserve an award for that. So many congratulations, well deserved, an outstanding achievement. What year have you had, what career have you had so far and the best news: there is still much to do. I wish you a wonderful day, enjoy the moment, because you can enjoy it, you don't have to play the weekend in Newcastle. Enjoy the moment and, once again, the best player in the Premier League. Wow, ”said Klopp.

Henderson, visibly moved, answered the German. “Without Klopp I wouldn't be sitting here, so hearing that from him means a lot. He knows what I've been through, that's why I'm excited. ”

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