Klopp: “Vinicius impressed me”

Jurgen Kloop has analyzed the situation in which his team reaches the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid.

Liverpool Shield / Flag

Going: “When you're 3-1 down, it seems like you don't have much to lose, so we'll give it a try. The result showed they were better than us, but it's only the first half of the tie. We have to create our own atmosphere. Not having fans. it's just an added problem. “

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On the Alexander-Arnold moment: “It's a special situation, but he's reacted very well. But it's not like he's in a dark place and he has to get out of it, he just wasn't selected for England, that's all.”

Comeback: “We played a few years ago with Dortmund, we lost 3-0 in the first leg. The journalists asked me if it was over and I said probably but what could we do? In the second leg we got 2-0. The most important thing It's performance. We have to try to win the match. After that, we'll see. We have nothing to lose. If we can create more than we did in Madrid, which should be possible because we didn't have much, then we'll see. We can't. take comebacks for granted, especially without people in the stands. We will create our own comeback atmosphere. “

Goals conceded in the first leg: “Madrid's first goal was a great long ball. But the other two goals we didn't defend well enough. If they have a throw-in 30 meters from goal and there is no fight until they score, it makes absolutely no sense. We have to change that. The only way a press conference can be influential is in a negative way. I am completely in the mood for this game. What we want in this tie we have to show tomorrow night on the field, not here“.

Theoretical physical inferiority of Real Madrid: “They have an intense season and injuries, we are the same in that. The decisive part of the season is now and I am 100% sure that Real Madrid will be 100% ready, not how they felt immediately after the game with Barça.

Nothing to lose?: “We already know that it is not being a brilliant season. With a 3-1 it seems that we are already out and that we have nothing to lose, but we are going to try, it is the job we have to do. In the first leg they were better than us but It was only the first part of the tie. We have to be at a top level to have any chance. “

Keeping a clean sheet: “You never want to concede goals, there it will not be different from other games. I have no idea if there is any team in the world that can prevent Real Madrid from giving you a chance. But the game starts 0-0.”

Vinicius level: “He impressed me, he didn't surprise me. He is an incredible talent.”

Kroos level: “He is a great player since he was very young and has become one of the most successful footballers in the world. He is not even very old yet, he has many things to come. We do not know each other very well, but I have admired him for years. He is capable of changing the game from very deep areas of the field and when he reaches the top he also has a good eye with the ball “.