Klopp, on the Super League: “I found out yesterday”

Jürgen Klopp, technician of the Liverpool, he assured in statements to the BBC in the previous match of Premier against him Leeds that both he and his players learned yesterday of the creation of the European Super League Despite the fact that the network entity is one of the twelve clubs involved in its foundation.

The German coach maintains that his opinion on the matter has not changed after he has been against the project for years. “My feelings and my opinion have not changed. Yesterday I found out for the first time. People are not with it and I can understand it, but I can't do much about it because neither I nor the players have been involved in the process. We did not know, we have to wait to see how it develops “, he explained Klopp before the game of Premier against the team of Marcelo

“I understand it. I am in a different position. I don't have all the information. I don't know exactly why the 12 clubs did it. I know that some things will change with football in the future. Some things have to change in football, that's for sure, ”Klopp continued.

“I am 53 years old. Since I've been in professional football, the Champions League has been there. My goal was always to coach a team there. I have nothing against Champions League. I like the competitive aspect of soccer. I like that West Ham can play the Champions League. I don't want them to do it because we want to, but I like that they have the opportunity. What can I say? It is not easy, “he said.

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“The most important part of football is the fans and the team. We have to make sure nothing comes between that. Heard there are banners, but the players did nothing wrong. We all have to stick together. We can show that no one has to walk alone at this time, “said the coach of the Liverpool.

“In difficult times you have to show that you stick together. It doesn't mean you have to agree to everything, but the guys did nothing wrong. I want to make sure everyone knows that ”, he settled Klopp.