Klopp: “Madrid's experience took the tie”

Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool coach, pointed out after being eliminated by Real Madrid that they should have marked the chances they had and that if they had achieved 1-0 the movie would have been very different.

“We should have scored the ones we had,” Klopp said at a press conference. “If we had gone 1-0 up, it would have been different. They controlled the game, at specific times. We, with two better performances, would have had more chances to go to the semifinals, “added the German coach.

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The English were eliminated in the quarter-finals after Real Madrid made the first leg 3-1 good with a 0-0 draw at Anfield.

“We didn't lose the tie today. We lost it in Madrid. Today was uncomfortable for them. We were good, we were aggressive and we had chances. I don't care about the “what ifs”. We do not mark and Madrid's experience took the tie. Not defining has taken us all year. “

On the missed occasion by Mohamed Salah in minute 2 of the game, Klopp assured that the Egyptian defines those “with his eyes closed.”