Klopp has no clause

What is the best thing about being a coach?, they once asked Jürgen Kloppand the technician Liverpool I do not doubt it. “The best thing is money,” she answered honestly, but the German’s “greed” is limited. So, As published by The Athletic portal, the German did not demand an increase in his salary to renew with the English team until 2026.

Klopp will continue to earn 12 million euros net per season and has only improved the remuneration of the rest of the coaching staff, which will earn two million euros more per season, based on the same information. The coach only wanted to continue at Anfield and it was his initiative that accelerated the negotiations for the renewal of his contract.

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The Liverpool board, with John W Henry at the head of the Fenway Sports Group (FSG), which is the club’s ownership group, wanted to give Klopp space and not distract him at this stage of the competition, when the red team is still playing for three titles (Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup). The leaders were also concerned not to put too much pressure on the coach, because they thought that would end up being counterproductive to getting the renewal and they wanted to wait until next fall.

But when they learned of the predisposition of the German, who was the one who set the tone during the negotiations, the Liverpool owners moved quickly to close the deal as soon as possible. Even more so, when they found out that Klopp did not want a raise.

However, Klopp’s continuity in the northern England team will depend on his will. Always according to The Athletic, the coach He has no termination clause and could leave before 2026 if he considers it appropriatealthough the technician has always opted to end their contracts.

“We’re only halfway there”

Jürgen Klopp spoke on Friday at a press conference after his renewal with Liverpool, explaining the reasons why he has decided to stay in charge of the Anfield club until 2026.

What is the plan for the coming years?

“We want to try and make this a successful club for as long as possible, or forever. Although that doesn’t mean I’m going to stay here forever, of course! We’ve wrapped up the renovation early, and that will come in handy for us.” facing the transfer market. We cannot guarantee success, but we can guarantee stability, something very important in these difficult times”.

Why stay in Liverpool?

“We feel like we’re in the middle of something, not the end. When you’re in the middle, you want to get to the end. Hopefully that end is a sunny place. For me, right now, this is the place to be. This club offers a lot, we are building a new stand, a sign that we never want to stop evolving”.

What chance do they have of winning the four titles at stake this season?

“That it is not understood as a threat, but this is only the beginning. We are going for everything. We cannot wait ten years to create something to remember. We have to do it now. And we have to enjoy the trip. We do not know if in the end We will win something, but for now we are going to try to make the most of this season”.

“The last two years were very hard because COVID-19 dominated our lives, and then the ‘other guy’ (Putin) has put us in trouble. We have to cherish these moments.”

Now that you have renewed, will important players like Salah or Mané also renew?

“I think that’s a question for the guys. My relationship with both players is fantastic. If it’s a positive for them, great, but I don’t think it’s going to be a deciding factor. Players who want to stay know what to expect.” .