King Juan Carlos helped Ana Obregón during Aless’s treatment in the US

Ana Obregon account in his book, The boy with the shrewsdetails of his son’s illness and also his decision to bring the little girl Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón to the world through surrogacy and the frozen semen of Aless Lequio. His narration is based on the 72 pages that the young man left written.

During a passage, the 68-year-old presenter reveals that King Juan Carlos held out his hand to her during treatment. All as a result of having problems to continue in the United States, where the entrepreneur was receiving his corresponding proton therapy treatment against Ewing’s sarcoma that he suffered.

“Mommy, this is serious, they are deporting us,” Aless would have told her at one point. Obregón, he recounts in the book, transferred this concern to Alessandro Lequio: “They are going to deport us and we will not cure our son. Please, call King Felipe, for something you are his cousin or whatever.”

Lequio, the great-nephew of King Juan Carlos, contacted, according to Ana, his relatives. Olimpia Torlonia, aunt of the Italian count, expressed her concern to the king emeritus, who “lacked time to help a desperate mother,” recalls Obregón. They quickly obtained solutions to renew the visa: “For that I am infinitely grateful and I will never forget it.”

When Aless died in May 2020, Ana and Lequio received a call from Doña Sofía and King Juan Carlos. On behalf of Queen Letizia and Felipe VI, they received a telegram, just like the protagonist of Ana and the 7 revealed in one of his first interviews after the death of his son, almost three years ago.

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The presenter, in her book, talks about the decision to become a mother-grandmother. According to her, this was the last will of the entrepreneur: “Mom, dad. If something happens to me, remember the sample I left in the laboratory in New York. I want to have children, even if I’m gone. It’s my wish. Promise me that you will.” you’re going to do. Please.”