Kimmich: “I don't know what will be best for my career in two or three years”

MUNICH (GERMANY), Jan. 27 (dpa / EP) –

Bayern Munich player Joshua Kimmich does not rule out being traded in the future in search of what could be “best” for a sports career totally linked to the Bavarian team, with which he has the “goal of winning” the Champions League.

“Now I can't answer that question very well because I don't know what will be best for my career in two or three years,” Kimmich said in statements published Monday by the magazine 'Kicker'. “Now clearly my goal is to mark an era with Bayern Munich with the huge goal of winning the 'Champions',” he added.

The versatile 24-year-old player, who can occupy the lateral demarcation or play in the middle, extended his contract with Bayern in March 2018 until 2023. “Just here at Bayern Munich there are many components that fit, especially the sports , like everything around, “he said.

The German international recalled that both last season and the current season, Bayern has not given the sense of dominance of yesteryear. “When I arrived that was different. Then we went out to the field and we knew that the opponent needed a very lucky day to become dangerous for us,” he said.