Kiko Rivera’s first words after suffering a stroke: “I thought I wouldn’t get out of this”

Early this Friday, October 21, Kiko Rivera He was urgently admitted to the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville after suffering a stroke. The son of Isabel Pantoja He set off all the alarms due to his delicate state of health since, as the doctors confirmed, the first 24 hours were crucial.

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Throughout the day, both his brother Cayetano as his wife, Irene Rosales informed the media about how it was progressing and sent a reassuring message. “Fortunately it was mild and caught in time,” said the DJ’s wife.

This Saturday, Kiko Rivera himself was in charge of updating his state of health through his social networks. Paquirri’s son also took the opportunity to thank him for all the messages and signs of affection that he has received since then.

“I want to thank everyone for taking an interest in my state of health. I am already on the floor a little better but not recovered. I have received all your messages of love and they have moved me very much,” he wrote on Instagram along with a photograph in which is seen lying in the hospital bed.

“I can’t be on my mobile, but I want to thank you with all my heart. Thanks also to the nurses and medical team who have taken care of me and have made me feel at home. It has been a tremendous scare, the biggest of my life, I never thought I was going to have a stroke and I really thought I was not going to get out of this. I love you all very much and God willing, I’m 100% soon, “he added.