Kiko Rivera explodes after criticism of his wife: “My mother is not going to come and my sister much less”

Kiko Rivera was discharged this Monday after suffering a stroke. During the weekend in the hospital, she did not receive a visit from her or her sister or her mother. Irene Rosales explained that it was best that they not go through there, since due to family quarrels, the little one of her soul could be more upset than necessary.

From the discharge, the paparazzi gather at the door of his house in Castilleja de la Cuesta, Seville, in case Isabel Pantoja or Isa appear at any time: “It sends noses that I have to be giving explanations of who enters or does not enter my house. Please, let me rest and recover. My head still works to make decisions. Do not invent or harm after a situation as delicate as the one I just went through, “he wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

In this sense, the DJ has added: “I’m just a person who has had a stroke. Respect me and let me recover. Leave my house so I can go for a walk as the doctor has ordered,” he has asked. Later, he has clarified that neither Isabel nor Isa are going to set foot in his house: “My mother is not going to come and my sister much less, so let me recover, I ask you please.”

Since last Friday, Kiko Rivera had been admitted to the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville after having suffered a stroke. During the weekend, he did not receive a visit from his mother and her sister because, in his condition, Irene explained to the press, he could be more upset than necessary. The tonadillera did make a video call with the little one of his soul, as Isa confirmed this Monday in Ana Rosa’s programwhere he also added: “I have not been able to see my brother and I have not been able to talk to him directly either. What I know is because they transmit it to me.”