Kiko Rivera counterattacks: he will renounce Isabel Pantoja’s inheritance after knowing her last wishes

Kiko Rivera He has taken another step in the distance he maintains with his mother. And it is that a few days after knowing the last wishes of Isabel Pantojathe DJ wants to renounce his inheritance.

“As far as I know, the information I handle, Kiko is in charge of finding out how to renounce the inheritance. “She would not want it to be legitimized for him, nor for his children to inherit their grandmother’s debts,” she explained this Monday. Marisa Martín Blázquez on Telecinco.

The journalist added that “the story is complicated, because they would have to make a request in front of the notary once Isabel is gone in order for him and his children to resign.” “That is, Kiko’s children, at that time, would have to have a series of witnesses to confirm that, indeed, they do not want to accept the inheritance,” she clarified.

Information that was confirmed this Tuesday Pepe Del Real: “Kiko has told his mother that he does not want to receive any more debts.”

The last wishes of the tonadillera

While One Pantoja he said ‘yes, I want’ with Asraf Beno, the singer was undergoing medical tests in Córdoba. Her daughter said a few days later that her mother was “fine” and that nothing serious was wrong with her, but there are those who claim that her health is actually not the best.

Ana María Aldón He said last Sunday that the folkloric community was “concerned.” “She has become more secretive since she returned from the American tour. She does not raise her head emotionally,” explained the designer.

Before embarking on this trip, the singer was closing the details of her last wishes. “It is true that in the will he has bettered his brother and her grandchildren. And to her children, who has made no attempt to disinherit her children at any time, he has only left them the strict inheritance,” he noted. Antonio Rossi.

“Currently, there are only debts. Her children would only inherit debts. The children would reject what she has because this lady owes a lot of money right now, and she is drowning in debt,” he added.

a big debt

The tonadillera’s problems with the Treasury date back years. Carmen Borrego This Monday on Telecinco, she said that the singer fainted when she was informed of the large debt she was accumulating.

“On the third floor of the Treasury building, Isabel Pantoja, when she finds out what she owes, faints,” said the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos.