Kiko Hernández's attack on Fran Rivera for her television reappearance: “What has changed life…”

The return of Frank Rivera to the sets this Friday to talk about the miseries of his family has surprised locals and strangers, since for years the bullfighter had disowned the media and focused solely on his businesses and family. Precisely for this reason, some commentators have criticized this change of opinion, among them Kiko Hernandez: “My goodness! What a life-changer, huh? My goodness!”He has written.

The ex of Save mewho now works in the Melilla regional government, did not hesitate to send a tremendous insult to Paquirri's son: “I send you a greeting from here, yes, it was always 'Hello!' and that I would never set foot on a program. Fran, a hug.”

Lourdes Montes' husband sits down this Friday on the set of Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona to talk about his relationship with his brothers (colder than ever) and his eternal battle against Isabel Pantoja for his father's tools that he never, despite a court ruling, he wanted to return Fran and Cayetano. He also remembers the illness and death of her mother, Carmina Ordóñez, and throws poisoned darts at her ex, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo: “It flayed me as a father after the divorce.”