Kiko Hernández, witness to the shots that killed Villacís’ brother: “I heard the shooting”

The shooting that killed the brother of Begoña Villacís, former vice mayor of Madrid, has caught her very close Kiko Hernandez, who is staying in a hotel near the scene where this event occurred. This is what the collaborator has confessed in Not even if we were Shhhthe program in which he currently collaborates.

“Can you believe what happened to me?” he told María Patiño when the program, which is now broadcast on TEN, began to address this dramatic matter. “It was in front of my hotel and I heard the shootings. I was speaking for my mother and I thought they were fireworks”he has reported.

“Immediately police officers began to come, because it was someone from the hotel who called. They have arrived asking us to go inside the hotel, armed and with protective screens“, Hernández continued. “There were more than fifty,” he said. “Then there was a helicopter in the area.”

Kiko Hernández is in Madrid these days – he currently lives in Melilla – because yesterday Monday he joined as a collaborator of Not even if we werethe new program from the team Save me. The talk show host was not present during the first installments, when the show was broadcast only on TEN, but he agreed to join this new stage, taking advantage of the jump to free-to-air television and the explosive interview that Marta Riesco gave.