Kiko Hernández is looking for someone close to him who has betrayed him

After several weeks without appearing on the set of Save me, Kiko Hernandez He has returned and has done it in a big way because he (or himself) has inadvertently become the news of the week.

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Magazine lectures posted some pictures of the former big brother with the director of the play he produces, Fran Anton. In the snapshots you only see two friends arriving at the airport and saying goodbye, but the information is much more. It is insinuated from the first line that between Kiko and Fran there is much more. And so they treated him on the set of Telecinco. Kiko denied the greatest, although he was not as angry or nervous as other times that his private life has been discussed. This time he was more relaxed.

The information appeared in the friendly magazine of George Xavier and he defended her to the death. And Kiko was dedicated to deny with her sly smile, but the procession was inside. Kiko “is clear that someone from her work environment, whether from the theater or from the program”, tells us a person close to him. “Kiko is convinced that these photographs were taken because of a tip-off, that someone reported so that they photographed him with Fran Antón and he has also given information to the magazine about his special relationship,” they point out.

Kiko is a smart boy and has been in this heart business for years. They have never caught him in an affectionate attitude with anyone, except at the beginning of it, with Patricia Ledesma, and nothing could ever be published. Now, despite having more photographs of him, either. He takes great care of himself, he doesn’t let himself be seen too much on the street and when he does, he never shows affection in public. “Kiko is a super-careful person. He lives pending that they don’t take pictures of him. He goes out into the street and spends all the time looking in case he sees a photographer,” they tell us. “He is obsessed with not taking pictures of him,” they add. That is why he is clear that even if they publish new images they will not prove anything. But he “does know that there is a traitor among his companions.”

Someone who tipped off the agency that made the images that there was a special relationship between him and Antón. Kiko and Fran have been together in Argentina and on numerous occasions in Melilla, the city of the theater director. And they both know their respective families. “I know what there is between them because they have dined together at my house, so you can imagine what there is. If they are a couple, to the best of our knowledge, few words,” said a confidant in Jorge Javier’s farmhouse. Is it the same person who gave the information to the agency that took the photos and to the magazine that published them?