Kiko Hernández celebrates his birthday in style: preparing his wedding with Fran Antón

Kiko Hernandez blow out 47 candles this Saturday. In one of his most special moments, the television collaborator who has caused the most talk in recent times celebrates his birthday in style: happier than ever, in love with Fran Antón and in full preparation for his wedding with the actor.

Although he wanted to keep his romantic relationship with Fran a secret, the investigation carried out by his program, ‘Sálvame Diario’ won the game and provided evidence -every week- that showed that there was something more than a friendship between them. Weeks before the format said goodbye to the audience, the collaborator gave a speech in which he recognized his love for the actor.

A few words that have remained for the history of television: “For a long time it has been talked about and said whether I have a relationship or not. There has been a lot of speculation about whether I have a sentimental relationship. The time has come to tell the truth and That truth is defined in that a long time ago I found the person who has made me the happiest in my life. A long time ago I found what true love is. I have found the man of my life. I have found the best father for my daughters. And I have found the person I love the most in this world, and that person is called Fran Antón”.

A most exciting speech that days later he developed in a ‘Deluxe’. Undoubtedly, a before and after in the life of Hernández that for the first time opened on the screen to tell that he was in love and that he cannot imagine a future without Fran.

The actor congratulated his partner a few hours ago on social networks, sharing some very special words: “Many Congratulations MY LOVE… Thank you for making me so happy, I just hope that we are always together, living millions of more adventures. Thank you for giving me to our little ones, for being so generous, you are a being of light. I love you infinitely and looking forward to September 16.”

A congratulation that Kiko has commented with an impressive declaration of love: “And what we have left… and what comes… I love you… I found love with you and as the song says… Being in love is discovering how beautiful life is. To be in love is to confuse the night with the days. To be in love is to walk with wings through the world. To be in love is to live with a naked heart. To be in love is to ignore time and its measure. To be in love is to contemplate life from above. To be in love is to see the smallest star. To be in love is to forget death and sadness”.

That is why he is now living one of his best moments. Happy with his new work commitment with Netflix after having recorded the docureality of ‘Save me’, the collaborator is focused on the preparations for his wedding with Fran and, of course, on his next adventures in the world of interpretation.

Kiko turns 47 today and he does so accompanied by his loved ones. This same week she shared with her followers an image of her mother with her two daughters and also a photograph at Bingo in Las Vegas, enjoying a ‘getaway to Madrid’.